Toni Kroos reacts to Messi winning The Best FIFA Award

Toni Kroos, the German midfielder of the Spanish club Real Madrid, has given his opinion on the results of The Best FIFA Award for the year 2022. Kruse, who has been playing for Real for a long time, has said that he does not consider Argentina's Lionel Messi to win the award unnatural. Club Real's own colleague Karim Benzema was also in the running for the award. However, Benzema was only third, not second after Messi. That too by a wide margin of 18 points. Austria's captain David Alba, who plays for Real, also voted for Messi as the country's captain. And, only the second vote for colleague Benzema.

Toni Kroos reacts to Messi winning The Best FIFA Award

Because of this, Real Madrid supporters criticized their own club player Alba. After a fan targeted Alba on social media for giving his first vote to Messi without giving his first vote to Real's colleague Benzema, Alba denied it on social media. When Real's players were criticized for voting in the Best Award, another player from Real, Kroos, also expressed his opinion in favor of Messi. He won the FIFA award based on the fact that Messi played a decisive role when Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar.

When it comes to individual awards after the World Cup, Kroos said that it is normal for the World Cup to be the most important. In an interview, Kroos said that he was not surprised when Messi won. Did Leo Messi win the best award? When it comes to individual awards in the year after the World Cup, this tournament is always the focal point. He was the best player there. Therefore, it is not a surprise for me that he won the award," Kruse said, "But Benzema was not a player who should have been third."

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